Our Roofs are Built with the Best Products

At Veritas Roofing, we pride ourselves on installing some of the highest-quality residential roofs in North Texas.

As a certified installers of the industry’s top brands, we not only offer top-quality roofing product, we also provide the peace of mind of knowing they will be installed properly.

Depending on your budget, wants, and needs, we can install a wide variety of shingles on your home, giving you the best roof for your money at multiple price points.

HD Shingles
HP Shingles
IV Shingles

Residential Shingle Options

High Definition Shingles

High Definition shingles are widely considered the industry standard for a quality residential roofing system. They are some of the highest quality shingles you can buy. Manufactured using a proprietary combination of fiberglass and asphalt, these multi-layered shingles are over-engineered in every imaginable way, making the roofs they cover more resistant to a wide variety of weather conditions than most of their competitors. Backed with self-sealing adhesive technology, each shingle can be tightly sealed to the roof, limiting the possibility of a blow off even in winds up to 130 MPH!

High Profile Shingles

High Profile shingles offer all of the great benefits you would expect from the industry standard, with a few bonuses. Perhaps the most attractive of these bonuses lies in the added wind-resistance. In combination with their new and improved Strikezone nailing area (the widest nailing area of any residential shingle available), the High Profile lines allow roofing installers to mechanically fuse the common bond between overlapping shingle layers, forming the strongest bond possible. As if that wasn’t enough of a reason, these lines are considered some of the most eco-friendly residential shingles you can buy today.

Class IV Shingles

A Class IV rated shingle system is the Mercedes Benz of residential shingle options. These shingles widely considered one of the best options available for a residential roofing system and with good reason. Due to their Class IV impact rating, these shingles are one of the most impact-resistant residential shingles available. Many insurance companies will give homeowners a premium discount for installing them. Class IV shingle systems also offer the same great 130 MPH wind resistance of their HD counterpart, with an industry-leading Class A fire-resistance rating and Algae Stainguard protection to boot.

We Use Only the Best Brands

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Other GAF Products We Install

Solar Roof & Attic Vents

GAFs motorized vents promote airflow in a house’s attic, helping with cooling the home in the summer, and reducing the chances of damaging moisture build-up throughout the year.

Not only do these vents help lower electricity bills by providing better energy efficiency, but they can also considerably extend the life of a residential roofing system by limiting premature deterioration caused by excess moisture.

These vents come in several models, including some that can be powered by a small solar panel, eliminating the need to wire into the electrical system of a home.

Some of the more advanced models include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, enabling the homeowner to control them with the GAF app on their smartphone.

solar vent example
gaf shingles

Synthetic Roof Deck Protection

Also designed to help keep moisture out, we use Synthetic Roof Deck Protection underlayments in almost every roofing system we install.

While a number of underlayment component options, we recommend going with one made with polypropylene – to minimize the chances of wind-driven rain intrusion during a storm. It boasts around 600% more tear-resistance and tend to hold up much better over time. Most roofing systems we install include Polypropylene underlayments as a standard option.

For homeowners looking to move to an underlayment with UV stabilization or better breathability, we also offer Tiger Paw and Deck Armor as optional upgrades.

Cobra® Rigid Vent 3

We include Cobra® Rigid Vents on every residential roofing system we install.

This component is designed to exhaust heat and moisture from the attic space of a residential attic.

Sitting on the ridge of a roof where the two planes meet, the Cobra® Rigid Vent’s proprietary design maximizes heat and moisture exhausting capabilities without allowing for moisture intrusion when it rains or storms.

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