GAF Timberline Shingles

At Veritas Roofing, we pride ourselves on installing some of the highest-quality residential roofs in North Texas.

As a certified GAF installer, we not only offer top-quality roofing products available, we also provide the peace of mind of knowing they will be installed properly.

Depending on your budget, wants, and needs, we can install a wide variety of shingles on your home, giving you the best roof for your money at multiple price points.

While the answer to the question “What is the best residential shingle?” depends on several factors unique to your budget and situation, some of our favorite GAF shingles include:

Timberline HD

GAF Timberline High Definition shingles are widely considered the industry standard for a quality residential roofing system.

Named the #1 selling residential shingle in the United States, Timberline HDs have earned a reputation as some of the highest quality shingles you can buy.

Manufactured using a proprietary combination of fiberglass and asphalt, these multi-layered shingles are overengineered in every imaginable way, making the roofs they cover more resistant to a wide variety of weather conditions than most of their competitors.

The HD series features layers of diamond cut granules, with spec-sealed asphalt, and a micro weave layer.

Backed with GAF’s patented Dura Grip self-sealing adhesive technology, each shingle can be tightly sealed to the roof, limiting the possibility of a blow off in a storm.

In fact, with the addition of supplemental fasteners, these shingles are capable of resisting winds up to 130 MPH!

As a bonus, Timberline HDs are also designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, with a wide variety of colors and textures available.

Two story brick house in Southlake, TX with GAF Timberline HD shingles installed on roof

Timberline HDZ

Essentially a 2.0 version of the Timberline HD shingles, the HDZ line offers all of the great benefits you’d expect from the industry standard, with a few bonuses.

Perhaps the most attractive of these bonuses lies in the added wind-resistance enabled by the new GAF Layerlock technology.

In combination with their new and improved Strikezone nailing area (the widest nailing area of any residential shingle available), the HDZ line allows roofing installers to mechanically fuse the common bond between overlapping shingle layers, forming the strongest bond possible.

This new high-strength bonding technology allows us to build roofing systems with unprecedented wind resistance, unlike anything the industry has ever seen.

In fact, this bond is so strong that when combined with other select GAF components, some HDZ systems are eligible for a new GAF wind warranty with no maximum wind speed limitation.

As if that wasn’t enough of a reason to consider HDZ shingles, the HDZ Reflector Series and Reflector Series Plus lines are considered some of the most eco-friendly residential shingles you can buy today.

Meeting both the prescriptive solar reflectance and thermal emittance benchmarks outlined in Title 24 of the California Building Energy Efficiency standards guidelines, HDZ Reflector Series shingles help homeowners stay in compliance with a new build or roof replacement.

Moving up to the HDZ RS+ line, the bar is set even higher, meeting the requirements set by the stringent Los Angeles County Green Building Standards Codes.

Even if you are building a home outside of California, the energy savings offered by these shingles can help save you money on your power bill and make you eligible for attractive green tax incentives in many areas.

GAF Timberline Armorshield II

If the HDZ RS+ line is the Mercedes Benz of residential shingle options, the Armorshield II series is the Maybach.

These shingles widely considered one of the best options available for a residential roofing system and with good reason.

Owing to their Class IV impact rating, Armorshield IIs are one of the most impact-resistant residential shingles available.

The impact resistance of these shingles is so good that many insurance companies are willing to give homeowners a premium discount for installing them.

The Armorshield line also offers the same great 130 MPH wind resistance of their HD and HDZ counterparts, with an industry-leading Class A fire-resistance rating and Algae Stainguard protection to boot.

Regardless of your needs and budget, Veritas Roofing is here to give you the truth about your roof.

With Veritas in your corner, you will enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your most valuable investment is protected.

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