Commercial Roof Installation, Repair and Replacement

Veritas Roofing has been installing, repairing, and replacing commercial roofs in the greater Fort Worth area for years.

Commercial or industrial roofing systems help seal a commercial building and protect the interior spaces from dust, dirt, rain, snow, wind, and more. When properly installed and maintained, modern commercial roofing materials can last for decades.

We work closely with the owner to review the needs and goals of their commercial property. Our manufacturer-certified commercial roof systems come with a manufacturer’s warranty as well as our lifetime transferable workmanship warranty.

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If you own or manage commercial properties in North Texas, you likely have concerns over the durability and energy efficiency of your property. Your property’s roof can either make or break your heating & cooling costs. Your commercial roof is the first layer of defense against not only water damage caused by leaks, but the energy efficiency of your building.

Veritas Roofing delivers long term, cost-effective solutions for your roofing needs with a best-in-class installation of TPO roof systems.

Metal Roof
TPO Roof

Industrial Roof Materials


Metal roofing systems are light, relatively durable, and aesthetically pleasing. They typically require low maintenance, and tend to hold up well against light to medium-sized hail. Metal roofs also come in a wide variety of colors and coatings, allowing a commercial building owner to tailor the aesthetics to their choosing.


Ethylene propylene diene polymer (EPDM) systems are comprised of a synthetic rubber material. These roofs can be adhered using an adhesive, mechanical attachment, or ballasting. EPDM systems have several seams that are sealed with adhesive or a specially-formulated tape. Made from hydrocarbons, EPDM is a popular choice for low-slope industrial buildings and typically is available in either black or white.


Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC is a membrane-style system, known for UV resistance and lower susceptibility to tears and punctures in comparison to EPDM. It is pieced together with heat-welded seams, aiding in the ease of repairs. PVC roofing systems typically come in a white reflective color, helping to offset heating and cooling costs both by insulating the building it covers and reflecting UV rays on sunny days.


Short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane, designed to act as an excellent insulator and moisture barrier. This commercial roofing material is installed in a single membrane application. TPO also comes with an optional Fleeceback that allows it to be adhered with a low-rise urethane foam, providing stellar insulation. Not only are these systems the most cost-effective once you factor in their energy savings, they also tend to be the most durable and worry-free over the lifetime of a building.

North Texas clocks an average of around 3,000 hailstorms per year, the average local business gets hit by hail at least once a year.

FREE Commercial Roof Inspections

Finding a roof leak or other issue before it spreads can end up saving you thousands in damaged inventory or property down the line.

A leaky roof can easily lead to mold and other secondary damage to ceilings, walls, and furnishings. Considering the high frequency of storms in North Texas, it’s crucial to regularly inspect the roof of your commercial building for damage after a severe weather event.

We provide FREE commercial roof inspections throughout the greater Metroplex area.

Don’t wait until to run into expensive problems from water damage. Schedule your inspection today!

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